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Tips & FAQ

Do you have any doubts?

Take a look at the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or check out our tutorials to learn how to use Make It and get the most out of it. You will become an expert!

What are quizzes or tests?

Quizzes are used to evaluate, learn, or review concepts on any subject in a fun and entertaining way.

Quizzes automatically collect each player’s answers and scores, and teachers can view the answers, rankings, and statistics.

What are games?

Games are designed to be played by young children, even non-readers. By default, positive reinforcement is prioritized, mistakes are not penalized, and players have endless opportunities to get the answer right. Games are a great resource for the little ones!

Unlike quizzes, children do not enter their name to play games. It is only possible to consult the results and statistics of shared games through a classroom (not with a code or link).

How can I check game results and statistics?

It is only possible to consult the results and statistics of shared games through a classrooms (not with a code or link) due to kids not having to identify themselves by their name in games. Furthermore, because we give priority to positive reinforcement, and we are not penalizing mistakes.

What are the limitations of the free version?

The free version allows you to use almost all the features of Make It. However, it only allows you to create 2 projects, 1 classroom and 1 folder.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Make It?

Subscription allows you to use Make It without limitations: Create a variety of classrooms and folders, design and share as many projects as you want, and view the results and statistics of all your students.

What is the purpose of creating an account?

Creating an account is not mandatory, but it allows you certain advantages: create classrooms to manage your students and share projects with them, and save your projects in the cloud. Projects will be more secure, and you will be able to sync them to all your devices also.

Do students have to subscribe to use Make It?

No, students use the app for free, without any subscription.

How do I share a project?

You can share your projects in three different ways:

  • With the code of each project: the projects automatically generate a code and a link. Copy the code and share it with whomever you want. Once the user receives the code, they can use it to download the project easily, quickly and securely in the “Shared with me” section.
  • With the project link: projects automatically generate a code and a link. Copy the link and share it with whomever you want. Clicking on the link will automatically open Make It and download the project.
  • Through a classroom: Share projects with your students by activating the classroom button in which you want to share them. With this method, students avoid having to enter the code of a project each time to access it.
How do I get the code to share a project?

To get the code to share a project, follow two steps: Open the project in question and click the “share” button. Both the numeric code and the direct link will be displayed.

You can only share projects that you have created. To share a project that someone has shared with you, you must first create a copy of it and then share the created copy.

What are classrooms, and how do they work?

Classrooms allow you to manage student groups and share projects automatically. Steps to create and manage a classroom:

  1. Create a classroom with a single click using the “new classroom” button in the menu.
  2. Share the classroom code with your students so they can join.
  3. View which students you have in the classroom by clicking on the classroom in question in the menu.
  4. Consult and manage in the classroom which projects each student shares.
  5. Share a project with an entire classroom by selecting the desired classroom within the “classrooms” button of the project itself.
  6. View the results and statistics of a classroom for a project in the desired project panel and press the “classrooms” button.


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