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[wp_stripe_checkout_v3 price=”price_1ITo9XAricQ5MiqMb8rFohOc” mode=”subscription”]

[wp_stripe_checkout item_name=”Champion Men’s Jersey T-Shirt” description=”Short-sleeve t-shirt in athletic fit featuring ribbed crew neckline and logo at chest” amount=”59.99″ label=”Pay Now”]

[wp_stripe_checkout item_name=”Watsi’s medical work” description=”Donations for Watsi’s medical work” amount=”1.00″ label=”Donate to Watsi”]


$session = \Stripe\Checkout\Session::create([
  'payment_method_types' => ['card'],
  'line_items' => [[
    'price' => 'price_1HKiSf2eZvKYlo2CxjF9qwbr',
    'quantity' => 1,
  'mode' => 'subscription',
  'success_url' => 'https://example.com/success?session_id={CHECKOUT_SESSION_ID}',
  'cancel_url' => 'https://example.com/cancel',

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